Indian Scout Rogue Review – Exploring the Darker Side of Motorcycling

Indian Scout Rogue Review – Exploring the Darker Side of Motorcycling

Are you in the mood for some rebellious and edgy motorcycling experience? If so, then let’s walk through Indian Scout Rogue in this article. Although Indian Scout motorcycles have always been iconic and popular among motorcycling enthusiasts, the Indian Scout Rogue stands out from the rest with its unique blacked-out design and advanced features. In this Indian Scout Rogue Review, we will explore everything that makes this motorcycle different and why it deserves a spot in your garage.

Design and Aesthetics

The first thing that will catch your attention about the Indian Scout Rogue is its sleek and dark design. The tank, fenders, and wheels have a matte black finish that gives “Indian Scout Rogue” an intimidating look. The blacked-out exhaust, fork, and engine complete the bike’s dark theme. The front-end design with the “trimmed fender”, “low headlamps”, and “black wire-spoke wheels” add an element of retro style to the bike. Overall, the Scout Rogue looks like a modern version of the popular bobber-style motorcycles from the ’50s.

Performance and Handling

Apart from the eye-catching design, what makes the Indian Scout Rogue a great motorcycle is its impressive performance. The Scout Rogue is powered by a “liquid-cooled”, “60-degree V-twin engine”, which delivers a remarkable 100 horsepower and 72 lb-ft of torque. The bike has a six-speed manual gearbox that shifts gears smoothly. The Scout Rogue also has an upgraded suspension package and aluminum frame that enhances its handling capabilities and offers a comfortable ride. The bike’s low seat height and stance provide excellent maneuverability, ensuring even novice riders can handle it with ease.

Technology and Features

The Indian Scout Rogue is also loaded with advanced features and modern technology. The bike has a “touchscreen display” that includes “Bluetooth” connectivity, navigation, and a “USB port” for charging your devices. The bike’s LED lighting improves visibility and the bike’s safety. The Scout Rogue also features a ride-by-wire throttle, which enhances the bike’s performance and response.

Maintenance and Cost

It is worth mentioning that owning an Indian Scout Rogue comes with certain responsibilities and costs. The bike’s premium features come with a price tag, and it is also essential to keep up with the maintenance of the motorcycle to keep it in excellent condition. The bike requires regular servicing and maintenance to keep it running smoothly, but it has a favorable fuel economy. The bike offers an average of “45 miles per gallon”, which means it doesn’t need frequent fuel stops.


If you are an experienced rider or looking to start your motorcycling journey, the “Indian Scout Rogue” is a great bike that offers an amazing riding experience. The bike’s style, performance, and advanced features make it stand out from the crowd of similar motorcycles. However, it is essential to note that the bike requires regular maintenance and upkeep that comes with the ownership of any premium motorcycle. If you are willing to take on the responsibility and cost, the Indian Scout Rogue is a perfect motorcycle that will provide you with the thrill and exhilaration of riding. This blog has provided a complete review of the Indian Scout Rogue.

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